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smartwatches for women

In 2020 the whole world is using smartphones,smart-tv and things like that but most of the people still use the old school watches. why don’t you try smartwatches. so here is the best smartwatch for women.

benefits of a smartwatch for women.

1 – fitness trekking

This smartwatch for women comes with a heart rate monitor and the ability to track steps more accurately than you might think. from this, you can get metrics on how many calories you’ve burned and much more. sure, its not perfect but for most people it would negate the need to buy an additional wearable for fitness tracking.

2 – Media control

so yes, this isn’t the world’s most amazing feature – heck, it’s built into quite a lot of headphones already, but it sure can be useful.
rather than having pull out your phone every few minutes to adjust the volume or skip a track, you can simply lift up your watch and adjust it all from there. this probably isn’t a huge deal if you’ve got your phone out and on a desk, but if you’re on public transport or, really any other situation where getting your phone out might be somewhat inconvenient, it can be a lifesaver.

3 – Music playback

you’ll need a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and either and android wear devices or a smartwatch. simply pair up your headphones to your smartwatch, open up your music player of choice and get listening. now, if you’ve got your phone on you all times, this feature may seem somewhat useless, but its deal for giving you a bit more freedom to work untethered from your smartphone and great for situations like running where you don’t necessarily want to carry a phone with you.

4 – wrist notification

this reason is probably the biggest reason for picking up a modern smartwatch: notification on your wrist. its also probably the most controversial, with many people simply responding to it by saying that you might as well just go through the tiny effort of taking your phone out of your pocket rather than paying some money for smartwatch.but the truth of the matter is that wrist access is considerably faster and more convenient and can much like media playback, be very handy in certain situations. with android wear now supporting notifications over wifi, you can leave your phone practically anywhere and still get updates on your watch and glancing at your wrist to see whether that notification you just received is extremely important or yet another piece of spam is generally much less intrusive than pulling out a phone to do the same task.

5 – application

apps on smartwatches have been fairly clunky, with interfaces and loading times that would generally lead you just pull out a phone, but there are a few gems out there. google maps, for example, can be a great help if you’re walking alone and want to check where you are at a glance. Google keep is also great when paired with android wears new always-on
apps features to allow you to see items such as shopping lists with barely any effort.
smartwatches apps are always going to be somewhat more limited than their smartphone. we can also run a video tube. the tiny screen size and limited performance will provide you with a less than ideal experience for attempting.

Best smartwatch for women in 2020 which is compatible with iPhone

1 – Huawei Watch 2 – women smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2 is the most sold smartwatch for women because of its features and I would recommend everyone including both male and female its available in two versions sport and classic the sport option uses a thermoplastic case with ceramic bezel and interchangeable silicon strap that will endure the sweat of your workout. the classic, on the other hand, uses the stainless steel and comes with the leather strap.
this makes the classic model a few grams heavier than the sports version.
Huawei Watch 2 has a 1.2-inch AMOLED 390 bt 390-pixel display which is bright and vibrant and perfectly readable.
also comes with a feature of automatic adjustment of brightness.
A really good battery life.
HEALTH & FITNESS TRACKING: GPS tracker, heart-rate monitor, step counter, calories burned counter.
NFC PAYMENTS: Use Google Pay to purchase directly from your wrist at millions of places without fumbling around for your wallet.

      • Amoled display is great
      • two days of battery life
      • NFC payments

      • watch strap looks cheap

      2 – fossil gen 5

      one of the best good looking smartwatch for women in the market. Smartwatches comes with wear OS by Google and this work with iPhone and Android phones and you get 8gb storage plus one GB ram
      This is one smartwatch now with a speaker for Audible alerts and having phone calls.
      the fresh new fossil generation 5 smartwatch is one of the most premium-looking smartwatches which you will find in 2020
      back in all of the features, you expect to take on the likes of Samsung galaxy watch. this generation 5 model comes with all kinds of upgrades.
      kind of good new battery mode and a built-in speaker and of course boosted specs.
      so it is made of stainless steel and the smartwatch is water-resistant to a depth of three atmospheres or around 30 meters.
      fossil gen 5 comes with 1.3 AMOLED display, so it is perfectly crisp for even tiny text.
      the gen 5 comes with compatible wifi so you can download new apps.
      you get support of NFC, heart rate check,swim-proof, etc.
      now you can extend your battery life for some more days with the help of new modes in battery. and get your smartwatch charged up to 80 percent in one hour.

          • new modes in battery
          • it has 8gb storage
          • speaker for Audible alerts and phone calls
          • 36 hours of battery life.

          3 – fossil explorist gen 4

          This fossil gen 4 watch is great looking smartwatch borrowing most of its design cues from previous 3rd gen watch,
          what I love the most about this smartwatch is that the Qx florist OLED panel is right at the forefront and its pin-sharp bright and colourfull
          it is designed low energy counterparts that consumes low battery. but it has a low battery life from competitor brands.
          the older version of fossil watch lacks some features such as GPS, NFC, and a heart rate monitor but this new version has all of them.
          making this watch aa much greater option for people that are shopping for smartwatch
          it’s also waterproof to 50 meters, although it has a built-in mic enabling you to use google assistant but there are no speakers so you cant use the watch to take calls from your wrist. it was one of the best smartwatch for women in 2018 still performing well

              • Qx florist OLED panel
              • GPS, NFC, and a heart rate monitor etc
              • no speakers

              4 – Garmin vivoactive 3

              It is a very versatile smartwatch for women. the Garmin vivoactive 3 has a heart rate sensor, GPS tracking and a selection of built-in apps dedicated to keeping tabs on a range of sports activities from cycling and running even though it is mainly a fitness smartwatch. In smartwatch, it has a lot of features like smart notifications and onboard payment system called Garmin pay.
              it weighs 43 grams and its made with stainless steel casing this means that the Garmin vivoactive 3 feels weighty enough to be premium looks.
              in this silicon straps are flexible and very easy to get on and off.
              the good thing about this watch is that it is not filled with buttons it has and display which is on.

              the watch itself is waterproof to up to 50 meters which is ideal if you’re a swimmer and makes it easier to shower without worrying about a smartwatch.
              screen is corning gorilla glass 3
              its a very nice watch for all fitness freaks.

                  • premium looks.
                  • payment system called Garmin pay.
                  • corning gorilla glass 3.
                  • feels weighty
                  • display is always on

                  5 – Fitbit Versa 2

                  Fitbit Versa 2 is the best suitable smartwatch for women and fitness and running .the very first thing you will notice about this smartwatch is that it looks very similar to the apple watches ill leave that up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or not.
                  I personally love the looks of this smartwatch and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of question about it from people when you wear it the Versa isnt only aesthetically pleasing but probably one of the most comfortable smartwatches Fitbit has made thanks to its lighter weight Fitbit claims the Versa is one of its lightest smartwatches yet due to its ultra-thin aluminum case and slightly tapered and angled design that been built to fit small or large wrists.
                  The best thing about this smartwatch is its screen it has a vibrant colorful touchscreen with a brightness up to thousands of nits meaning that you can easily see the screen even underwater or in direct sunlight.
                  the best part that you don’t even have to turn the brightness max to be able to do then have to turn the brightness to the max to be able to do that I was impressed by that because not even my smartphone can do that.
                  this is one of the best activity trackers whether its running cycling swimming or high-intensity training that you want to track really comfortable surprisingly nice looking and fun to wear it.

                      • suitable for fitness and running.
                      • vibrant colorful touchscreen.
                      • built to fit small or large wrists.
                      • wrist motion detection is little slower.

                      6 – Garmin vívomove HR, Hybrid Smartwatch 

                      what I love the most about this smartwatch is that it is the most premium smartwatch for women. if you want a smartwatch that looks like a normal watch your options are limited hybrid smartwatches such as the Vivo move hr mix the looks of a classic watch with smart functionality and should really be more popular than they are.

                      It’s basically a good balance between those two worlds the Vivo move hr is available in either in sports version with black and
                      rose gold and rose gold finishers and silicon straps.
                      Garmin calls the premium options which are more expensive and coming either silver or gold-toned finishes with leather bands a quick glance
                      of the watch and you wouldn’t think its there but raise a wrist or tap on the lower half of the watch face and that touch-sensitive display
                      will light up showing you information on everything from the date to weather to your day’s calories burn
                      It has little semi-hidden screen on its front and that lets you read notification check your exercise stats and even stress level
                      it has and led screen in bottom pops up when you double-tap on the display area or flick your wrist.

                          • 5 days of battery life.
                          • comes with a speaker.
                          • hybrid smartwatch & premium looks
                          • No such major cons

                          7 – Apple Watch Series 5

                          The best smartwatch for women who use ios and apple devices. here it’s the new apple watch series 5 which comes with watch OS6.there are lots of different smartwatches but this one is the best if you have an iPhone and if you can afford 399$ starting price then please go for it because there is nothing better then is just way better at making processors for smartwatches than anybody else.
                          apple offering more material options for the casing you can get it in aluminum, steel, titanium, and ceramic.

                          The new feature displays is that the screen is always on it and has a really fast screen refresh rate.
                          the battery life is not that great its only runs for 18 hours after that you have to charge again. there are more cellular bands on the cellular version which means it can do emergency calls internationally and it will not work for regular cell phone apple watch stuff, though.
                          GPS, the display is always on,30% bigger screen, waterproof and swim-proof, ECG app, Electrical and optical heart sensors, Built-in compass, Elevation, Emergency SOS, Fall detection,18 hours battery life.

                              • best processor.
                              • waterproof and swim-proof.
                              • best smartwatch for women who use ios devices.

                              • battery runs 18 hours in full charge.

                              8 – Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 Smartwatch

                              This watch works with a free app that you need to download to your cellphone called Wear OS. It installs quickly and doesn’t take up too much space on the phone.
                              Once it is installed, you can choose to pair your watch and phone, link an email, enable location functions, etc. You can answer a phone call with the watch. The watch comes equipped with an app (Google fit) that tracks your steps, watches your heart rate,
                              and calculates the number of calories that you have burnt during the day. You can set goals etc with this.
                              The watch comes with a magnetic charging base that plugs into a USB charger. The battery lasts the whole waking day.
                              the watch is waterproof and you can wear it swimming.if you prefer the design of the watch then it is the best smartwatch for women.

                                  • answer the calls from the watch.
                                  • battery lasts the whole waking day.

                                  • The watch is little heavier.

                                  9 – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

                                  so starting with price the larger 44-millimeter size which I have here starts at $300 and the smaller 40-millimeter size is $280
                                  there are also LTE and stainless-steel options which are more expensive but this cheaper aluminum model comes in three colors pink gold cloud silver and this aqua black.
                                  watch with a 1.4 inch AMOLED display and minimal bezel around the exterior make this a great-looking watch packed with lots of features now let’s start with battery life with the display always-on and general usage you will get around one day of battery life and without that always-on display turned on.
                                  life in terms of charging times you can charge this watch back up to 80% or so after an hour and a half and up to a full 100% after just take two hours to charge full your display at a relatively dim setting at all times and then when you it’s the Galaxy watch act of two worthy of a spot on your wrist I certainly think so yes I am loving the complete package of this watch from hardware to software and a watch has finally come along to replace gear s3 the light and compact form factor along with the bright and great-looking screen paired with the clean OS heart rate monitoring GPS tracking and much more.

                                      • LTE option.
                                      • AMOLED display and minimal bezel.
                                      • one day of battery life.
                                      • no hybrid.

                                      10 – Samsung galaxy watch

                                      The build quality is really good it’s solid and comes with a 1.2 inches super AMOLED screen. you can change many watch faces according to you. its a Samsung smartwatch so you will find bezel over the watch, which is a rotating one and you can move around with this smartwatch.its upon you if you have use rotating bezel or touch screen is totally up to you because this got both.
                                      Samsung Galaxy watch 42mm works on Exynos 9110 soc dual-core,1.2 AMOLED touch screen,360×360 pixel,4 Gb ram and 4 Gb internal storage, E-sim LTE model, NFC-GPS-barometer, waterproof. if you looking for an aesthetic watch then it is the best smartwatch for women.

                                          • build quality is really good.
                                          • rotating bezel.
                                          • E-sim LTE model, NFC-GPS-barometer, waterproof.
                                          • only 4gb internal storage.

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