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how to study for an exam in one day

Are you here because you’re only one day away from your exam and wondering how to study for an exam in one day? Don’t worry we got you.

Even the best one panic when the exam is just above your head it’s natural almost every face that situation and it’s not impossible to overcome it. We got an amazing day before exam study tips which will surely help you.

how to study for an exam in one day

There are many methods available for studying a day before the exam. but below are the best way for how to study for an exam in one day.

1 – it’s crucial that you wake up early

If only have a day to study you best make the most of it.when you start early, you’ll get a good head start and considering the situation, every minute counts. Adrenaline level is high in the morning that will motivate you which will help you to have a good start.

2 – A quiet place to study

tips for exams study

It’s best to choose a place where you feel the most comfortable and with minimal disturbance. The quitter the place the more the concentration, and fewer chances of you going off-topic.

3 – A Goal without a plan Is just an wish

Proper planning is essential when it comes to studying. You should have a plan before you start studying. Make your plans according to your work. Divide the day into sections and assign each section with a specific amount of study based on how much you have to cover.

4. Panicking will only slow you down

You getting scared will not help you in the least instead it will only increase stress which will make your work even harder. Even if you get scared to remember, that you are studying on the last day, its already a Do-or-Die situation and you have nothing to lose.

For all those who are here, asking how to revise for exams on the last day you should try to avoid panicking even more because the more you study the more stressed out you get and start doubting yourself. Feeling nervous is normal, just give yourself some time, meditate or take a walk, which will freshen up your mind.

5 – Be prepared for the battle all the notes

tips for exams study

The best way to know how to study for an exam in one day is to be prepared with all the notes and study material for the upcoming exam. If you try to study from your mobile or tablet it will cause you a lot of distractions, so it is recommended to take prints of all those necessary chapters.

Also, be sure to arrange all those chapters in a proper manner so you won’t find it difficult when you search for specific topic at a later time. Proper organization will save you a lot of time and will make your life easier.

6 – Give your phone a break

Checking a phone once or twice throughout the day is okay for calls but constantly checking it every hour is going to make it even harder to focus. As mentioned earlier, you should make photocopies and should totally avoid studying from your phone or tablets.

Remember, what made you ask how to study for an exam in one day in the first place? It was the time wasted on your phones.

7 – Tips for exam study

tips for exams study

Be smart about what you memorize

You don’t have to sit down and try to memorize every single line in the book, instead try to understand the topic and just memorize few important keywords which will help you recall what the topic was about. here are the best tips for exam study

The proper way to take a break

Studies have shown that the human brain can concentrate a maximum of 25 minutes on a specific topic. So, the idea we came up with is to study for 25 minutes straight with no distractions at all and then reward yourself with a 5 minutes break. Apply this technique and see the results for yourselves.

How to study for 2 exams in one day

You might be in a situation where you have to study for 2 exams in a day. This situation may occur during internal exams or unit tests. These exams tend to have small portions but it might be difficult to decide how much time to give for each subject or even which subject to start with.

Start with the easy subject or the one you have more confident in. Set a specific for that subject and try to finish it as much as possible in that specific time frame. If you don’t finish it all, just leave it be and move on to the next subject, so the next subject won’t get affected by it.

How to study for the math exam in one day

First of all, you should have a list of all the necessary formulas, topic wise, and go through the necessary formulas that will be required before starting a specific topic. Try to understand the concept first, then only solve one problem of each type. know more about How to study for the math exam in one day.

Eat properly before your exams

  • Don’t over drink coffee. One or two cups are okay.
  • Try to avoid gastric foods.
  • Don’t eat full stomach, just eat 70% of your capacity so you won’t feel sleepy.

Try to attempt as much as possible

Make sure you attempt all the questions you know first without spending time on the ones you don’t know. Once you finish go back to the ones you left and try to write something related to the topic asked in the questions. Leaving blank space won’t get you marks and writing something just might.

8 – Revision is the key

After finishing each topic make sure you give it a last quick look so your brain can visually organize all the data.

9 – make sure you have enough sleep

  • Its important to know how to study for an exam in one day but know how to sleep is just as important.
  • The best way to be ready for an exam is to have a proper amount of sleep. Because of all the hard work you dd, your brain deserves to rest.
  • Not having enough sleep will make you irritated and it will be hard to focus on the exam.


So now that you know all the tips its for you to go and do your own thing. We hope these tips about how to study for an exam in one day will help you with your exams.

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